Minimalist Grocery Guide -Pantry Staples Master List

This Guide Is Made for People Who Commit to: 

Frugal Focus
Seasonal Sourcing

Guide: Set your budget. Write down a few new recipes you want to try. Look in your pantry/fridge to see what basics you are missing. (See my top 10 basics for every pantry Here)

Print or take a snapshot of your list. 
Return home and staple the reciept to the list. Keep track of every cent you spend on food in the first month. 

I don’t do coupons. My philosophy on coupons is that they are mostly good for non-perishable goods (toilet paper, soaps, etc.) and not so good for a whole foods diet. If you have had success with coupons and eating a whole food diet. Shoot me with email and I will gladly feature it. 

 Free Printable Coming Soon! 

Minimalist Grocery Guide 

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