Facts About our Property 

  • Our yard, front, sides and back, is approximately 7000 square feet. 

  • We live on a corner lot and share only 1 fence with a neighbor.

  • Our house sits in the opening of a large cul de sac, off of a busy main street in our neighborhood.

  • All of our hardscaping is rain-permeable and long-lasting, however changeable if we or a future owner wants to change it.

  • We (fortunately) do not have an HOA association to deal with (or pay for). 

  • We have standard city codes that are typically found in any major city.

Fun Facts about Living Close to Others

  • Neighbors LOVE free food and fresh eggs. They tolerate the noise.

  • We have violated codes only twice: Once for a fallen branch when I was in the hospital giving birth, and another time for leaving up a garage sale sign one day too many. 

  • Once a lady called code enforcement because her dog got in my blackberry bush. She complained that neighbors were "careless with poison oak in their yard". We didn't get a ticket.

  • People with pools and thousands of yard of green grass always ask us how much water we use. Occasionally they use the term "waste" instead of "use". 

Our landscaping was 100% grass and invasive trees when we moved in. After 5 years of planning and saving material, we broke ground on our "Suburban Homestead". 

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