My Personal Health and Wellness Story: 

Like many, many people, I have struggled with chronic pain and digestive issues my whole life.

This is my story about how I manage a significant portion of that misery through diet, movement,

and self-care. This is an ongoing story.


(Disclaimer right out of the gate: I am no doctor and I cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe medicine to anyone.

Clear? Cool).

I had a miscarriage in 2011 after 2 years of trying to conceive without medical intervention. Like for

so many mothers, it was a devastating blow. I gained weight, I went on hormonal birth control, and

things spiraled significantly from there. Pain and inflammation were a part of daily life. 


In an effort to change the course of my life, I decided to remove gluten and dairy from my diet for 6

months in 2012. Doctors refer to this strategy as an elimination diet: removing things and then slowly adding them back in to see the effects. I had previously dabbled in removing gluten before I had gotten married, but I wasn't super committed and still very much addicted to processed foods and convenience. For some reason after processing our loss, I was far more committed to developing a strategy and eliminating these two things. I chose these two because they were fairly obvious choices given the symptoms I was experiencing, but I had never eliminated them together. 

Long story short, I was only successful in eliminating them both for a solid six months (under a physician's watch) because I developed strategies to do so. I  My symptoms almost immediately dissipated (no, really, it was almost terrifying to lose the pain and bloating, they were kinda my unrelenting frenemies at this point). Just that itty bitty relief was enough to motivate me to continue. I have been 99% gluten-free since that period in 2012, and I occasionally do strict dairy-free phases (cheese is my weakness) if I feel symptoms creeping back in. At any rate, most of our milk products are nut-based anyway. Recipes for homemade craft versions of almond, cashew and coconut milks will definitely be showing up around here. 

(Also, I was able to conceive and successfully birth my first son in 2012. I am now 8 months pregnant with our second son, and we could not be more blessed...good things do happen in this world). 

Fortunately, along with learning how to basically eat the exact opposite of the "standard American diet", I learned how to base my food choices on real, whole food, rather than just wheat replacements. This strategy continues to work for me, and is backed by loads of research on nutrition, health behavior and wellness. It can also be really cheap if you know how to build a basic whole foods pantry....Which is one of the things I aim to help with here. It can be even cheaper, and I daresay more satisfying, to learn how to grow some of your own food. I can teach you that too! 

Wanna chat about these experiences? Drop me a message @! I often share personal tidbits of my journey on Insta Stories on IG @suburbansalt. 

Also, you don't have to do anything perfectly 100% of the time. Don't let any internet fool or diet fad persona convince you of anything. You do you, after talking with your doctor. 

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