Why Suburban Salt?

It starts with  A Story about conscious consumption, public health, simple living and food rebellion right in the middle of suburbia. 


We still eat crap. 


We still harm our environment. 


We still consume infinite goods in a finite world of resources. 


And yet we can still choose to be better, one day at a time, one thing at a time. Balance, consciousness, awareness, imperfection.A desire to improve and forgiving a little hypocrisy can go a long way.


So Ashleigh, why Suburban Salt? I mean, isn't kind of embarrassing to admit you live in the suburbs? Well, the fact is many of us live in suburbia. Although there is considerable interest into moving closer to urban areas with great shops, restaurants, bars and cultural life....many of us still live in the suburbs. We still value the perceived safety and security and more expansive private space that suburbia provides. And that shift to suburbia continues to grow.


So, rather than uproot my family and trek them to a more urban or midtown setting, I am staying right where I am planted and trying to live a whole life in the Suburbs. I do weird things. I rip my grass out. I plant things like corn and pumpkin patches, and peanuts. I raise chickens in my backyard. I ferment things on my countertop. I value clean air and a toxin-free home. I avoid typical plastic-dominant "suburban" products. I am not your typical consumer. I depend upon THREE PILLARS: Creative Local Whole Food Recipes, Gardening for Groceries, and Maintaining a Well-Stocked Pantry. By focusing on these three things, I am transforming my little corner of the world into a more globally-minded, health-conscious home. I created this space to share and learn with you. Feel free to email me your questions or just to chat! suburbansalt@gmail.com. You can find me on IG @suburbansalt too ;) 


New skills, recipes, tips and tricks coming July 1.



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