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Do you ever try to re-create a restaurant dish that just totally blew your mind away? I have a few meal memories that I want to tackle and this was one one them. There is a local restaurant in Winters, CA called Preserve and the have THE BEST atmosphere, drinks and delicious meals. We went out with friends and ended up sharing a wonderful cheese plate with local cheese paired with the chef's house-made jam preserves. All four were delicious with combos like rosemary and blueberry but the night's winner was the lavender-infused apricot jam. 

We may have had to sneak some of these gluten-free crackers in for the cheese like a bunch of hipster rebels, but thats ok, they are forgiven on account of all the deliciounsess :) I have done my best to re-create this elevated DIY version below. This jam would pair well at a dinner party with a soft fresh cheese (like ricotta) or a lightly aged creamy sheep's milk cheese. 




4C washed & chopped local apricots (pits removed)

1C Honey (I use Sola Bee or this bulk version)

1/4 C Organic Lavender Buds (if I don't grow it I buy it here)





Place lavender buds in a small sachet, tea infuser, or a bit of cheesecloth. Close it with twist tie if needed. Tuck into large pot with chopped apricots mixed with honey. Let infuse for an hour or so at room temperature.




While it sits, prep your canning jars, lids, etc. in a simmering bath of water on the stove. Simmer for 15 mins and let dry on paper towel or clean dishcloth. This disinfects them for later jam storage. I use this brand for canning because they do not rust, are plastic-free and easy to open when frozen. 





Place apricots on stove and start on medium high heat, watching until mixture starts to cook down. Reduce heat to medium-low.  Check and stir every 5-10 minutes. Its ready when mixture is sliding off back of a spoon, about 3 hours.  Carefully spoon into prepared glass containers and leave about 1 in. of room at the top. For Weck jars, add the rubber ring, then the glass lid, then clip 2-3 of the metal clips right on the top. For Ball mason or similar jars, add lid then screw top. This recipe is about 3 small tulip Wecks or (3) 4oz Ball jelly jars. Just enough for a small household without being overwhelming: )


Place whole jars back into simmering water for 15 mins. Remove jars with canning tongs (mine are from here) and let cool on counter overnight. These will be shelf-stable for 6mos or so. You can also keep in fridge or freezer. Once open, use jam within 5 days. 


 Do you have a favorite "elevated" jam or canning recipe? Apricots are super fresh and super cheap (June and July)  at the Midtown Farmer's Market. Check them out if you are a local Sacramento resident! J St. and 20th  8a-1p every Saturday. 


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Share your results w/ me! Tag me on Instagram or email me a pic/story @ suburbansalt@gmail.com








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