1-Minute Nutrient-Dense Protein-Packed Jammie Breakfast Toast (and 5 Other Versions!)


Jammie Breakfast Toast. I usually have a messier version of this on rotation every week for a morning meal. Its not difficult to build good toast, I just need a little imagination and a well-stocked pantry. 


The other key is a high-density nutrition-packed gluten free bread. The kind with lots of seeds, nuts and gluten-free grains like quinoa and amaranth. I once met the owner of Happy Camper Gluten Free Bakery in my local grocery store (Nugget Markets). He saw my sad excuse for a gluten free loaf of some other brand and went to his truck, pulled out his own brand and gave me three free loaves. I have been a convert ever since because of ALL the seedy goodness. The molasses version makes an excellent breakfast toast. If you are in the Sacramento/Bay Area, you can find this brand at Whole Foods or your local Nugget Markets. 

Next you literally just layer on the goodness. Here's my favorite Apricot Jam recipe that's infused with homegrown lavender. Truly, this low-sugar version does NOT disappoint.  


The cheese is just a local fresh ricotta and chia seeds/sesame seeds are added to the top. The point is to get creative with your pantry staples so you don't get bored! There are seriously a million ways to make good toast WITHOUT stress or spending thousands of dollars on random ingredients. See my other suggestions below! (Have you taken the jump to building up your basic minimalist pantry yet? Get the free easy-to-use guide here)






Gluten Free Toast (preferably with seeds, nuts, and gluten free grains like quinoa)

1 oz Ricotta

1 TBSP Apricot preserves (lavender-infused recipe here)

sprinkle of toasted sunflower seeds

1 tsp chia seeds




Other Varieties


Toast some of your favorite high-protein bread (with seeds, nuts, or gluten free grains like quinoa) and top with the following combos! 


Delicious Traditional 

Strawberry Jam


bee pollen

peanut butter

carob chips



Local Summer Farm Basket 

Cashew Butter

blackberry jam

chopped figs 

hemp seeds


Tropical Medley 


Dried coconut flake (toasted)

Goji Berries

hazelnut chocolate spread 

chopped cashew 



Savory Egg

Jammie Boiled Egg

1 tbsp red pepper hummus

1 TSP Nutritional yeast

1 tsp black sesame seeds 

1 sliced french radish

fresh chopped parsley


Hot or cold? Vegan or Eggs all over? What is your favorite go-to breakfast toast? 

















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