Veggie-Packed Jalapeno Cheddar Sliders



Time: 20 minutes

Best Season: Summer


I constantly try to stuff veggies where they don't normally go. 



Its a bit of a habit now after so many years trying to fit "healthy eating" into my life....At this point, that means eating more whole foods, mostly plants. Fact is, sometimes its a lot of work to eat three different side dishes so I try to pack my meals into one thing: One pie, one taco shell, one bun, etc. With a family, its just easier to make and easier to eat. Food prep is even easier when you get into the habit of chopping/shredding all your veggies at once, then use them up during the week. 


I used this beef mixture twice. Once for the burgers, and again for a gluten-free teriyaki stir-fry the next night. 


These sliders have all the classic ingredients of a burger, except everything is gluten-free and there are no extra bread crumbs in the patty. I added shredded veggies in their place and they held together well on the grill just fine.  Jalapenos ripen in mid summer. You can also use dried peppers soaked in a bit of apple or lemon juice if you decide to make these in other seasons. The rest of the veggies can be found year-round locally in most regions. Onions and carrots from fall/summer store well through winter in case you are wondering :) 





Slider Patties


1lb Grassfed beef 


2 shredded carrots


1/2 bell pepper (any color) shredded 


1 medium shredded onion (any kind)


1 chopped jalapeno (seeds removed if you want less heat.)


few sprigs chopped cilantro


one egg




sharp cheddar cheese slices 

butter lettuce

chopped fresh tomato

sriracha mayo (mix a little bit of sriracha with a little bit of olive oil mayo)








Mix all patty ingredients together. Form into patties about 1 in thick. You can make mini patties and build "sliders" too. Sliders should be about the diameter of a wide mouth canning lid or large coffee mug. 



I added a bit of shredded cheddar to mine at the last minute. Its totally optional though. 



Have you ever tried to stuff your burger with veggies? How did it turn out?











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