Planning a Summer Kitchen Garden - 2018

 2017 Suburban Green Bell Peppers. Growing FOOD is like Growing MONEY. Bonus points if its visible to all the neighbors.

Every season, I go through my stash of seeds, open a few gorgeous new seed catalogs and go to town on planning the next growing season!


See the CRAZY weird veggie seeds I bought below (Non-GMO organic seeds for only 99 cents a pack)!


Its taken me FOUR years of diligent planning to get our little kitchen garden exploding into a micro farm for our culinary needs. Some people just buy whats available at the big box stores, but ask yourself: Is this really the kind of food you eat?  When planning a kitchen garden, you have to ask yourself how your garden goals fit with your home eating culture and your nutritional needs. 


Want a pretty garden? Ask yourself: How do your plant choices fit with your eating habits? 



I say this because of all the failure I have had.....And all the garden fails I see with my fellow gardeners. Ask yourself, how many cherry tomatoes are you really going to eat? A typical plant can make over 10 pounds! Many times people think killing a plant is what kills a gardener's dream. Well, an over-abundance can be just as terrifying! A voracious zucchini plant is terrifying for a second year gardener who knows just what INEDIBLE green demons will await you every day in July. 



Know what kinds of plants you like, and try to become an expert in those plants. 


For example, I LOVE me some avcocado, but I know that our growing zone 9B poses some major challenges. I found a variety that is supposed to do well. We shall see! I also HATE iceberg lettuce. I will never ever ever ever plant that despite it being a staple in every restaurant in America. 


Are you ready to get started on your OWN garden? Check out a FREE Gardening e-book with all the info you need HERE> 

____175-Page E-GUIDE to GROWING YOUR FOOD_____


VARIETY is key! You can't grow pizza, but you can grow everything in it! We make sure to plant a variety of nutrient-dense foods and follow this ratio loosely: 


30% Starches/High Calorie (Squashes, pumpkins, brassicas, grains, potatoes)


20% Star Veggies (cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, peas, eggplant)


30% Aromatics (Herbs, Garlic, Onion, Spices)


10% New Varieties (Can fit into any category above). 


Look at all the funky varieties I am trying this year! I get my organic, non-GMO seeds here. 


Just $12.00 in seeds will get me HUNDREDS of pounds of food! I am fortunate to have the space to grow things like pumpkins. This is why I share my extras with neighbors, family and the local food banks. Follow my daily updates in instagram @suburbansalt!


















  Long Island Cheese Pumpkin                                       Sunflower Sprouts

















                    Tigerella Tomato                                            Moon & Stars Watermelon
















                     Purple Pole Bean                               Jack Be Little Pumpkin











                 Lacinato "Dino" Kale                        Homemade Pickle Cucumber
















              White Wonder                                  Chiogga Beet (Candystripe)















                       Garlic Chives                                            Detroit White Beet





Are you ready to get started on your OWN garden? Check out a FREE Gardening e-book with all the info you need HERE> 



175-Page E-GUIDE
































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